How To Draw Woody Woodpecker Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first step is to begin by sketching out the Woody guide and the forms that are shown here. Begin with drawing a circle to represent the head, and then create a second circle to represent his body, or the torso. From these two shapes, draw a line from the neck towards the top of the body. Follow the steps and shape the limb prior to leaving.

Step 2
In this section you’ll begin drawing Woody’s face and body. Start by sketching the form of his long hair and then the lines for eye and his beak. After that, you’ll draw drawings for the right fingers and arm, as well as the right side of his legs and body.

Step 3
Begin with drawing the end of hair of the Woody Woodpecker and then draw the upper line to define its beak. Give him eyes and eyebrows. You can draw the cheeks portion of his face to the right. Draw the lining of the left side of his body and belly, as well as the lining of your feet, toes and fingers.

Step 4
As you can see, Woody is displaying well. Give him additional beaks and paint his pupils. Draw the remainder left hand, and some on your left. After that, you’ll create a septum in the stomach. This step will be completed by drawing the remainder of the right leg. This includes the area inside that turns towards the left of the leg. Draw a single bottom for both legs, and then continue.

Step 5
This is the last drawing step . What you’ll be doing is to finish off the eyebrows and its left eye and its tongue and beak. Then, draw the liner for his arm and then draw the palm’s insides. You can add two tail feathers to add legs. You will now erase the basic principles and shapes you created in step 1.

Step 6
After you’ve finished your drawing, it will look something as follows. The only thing left to do is draw Woody as well as label as a completed drawing. I hope you enjoy this instructional video of drawing Woody Woodpecker step by step. I’ll be back with some more things in the coming days so keep an eye out.

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