How To Draw Wonder Woman Cartoon Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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We’ll begin with two basic designs. First draw a circle around her head. Then draw an w with a line over it to close the opening. it will be her chest.

Step 2

Then draw more lines of guideline with two circle shapes to represent the shoulders , positioned half an inch lower than the head, roughly creating an arc. From these two circles draw a line from each and to form an even smaller circle which is the elbow. Begin at the lower points of the torso and join them until you have an closed-off form for her hips.

Step 3

Make the drawing like illustrated above. What you’re trying to do is making the body actually look like an arm that are connected by the hips. From the bottom of Wonder Woman, sketch two legs with a carrot shape. It will all make sense in the near future.

Step 4

From the top of the head, draw two lines in order to create the neck. Begin by moving toward the hip area and then bring your fist to the waist. Then you will draw a line that will divide the garment from its upper half. Go down to the bottom and draw an outline of the inside of the shoe.

Step 5

Take a step to on top, and draw some useful guidelines to ensure that your face appears nice and even. Another thing you should do is draw a line around your hair. One way to do this is to draw a rainbow using clouds at each the ends.

Step 6

Then, using the lines you traced over the face draw lightly her eyebrows first. Nothing other than the two lines that curve. The almond-shaped eyes and mouth. Go towards the pectoral disc, and draw the disc in the shape of those of wings on an Eagle. Her lasso is the final thing to draw in this stage.

Step 7

Then, move towards the top of her head to draw the headband. It is a simple form to draw. It is a half-rhombus that is finished at the sides of her head , and beneath her hairline. Go to the bottom of her boot and draw the specifics of the boot. Each boot should have a spike on its top, and an elongated stripe down the middle.

Step 8

It’s finished. Did she look good? The only thing you need to do remove the guideline and outline to tidy up the picture. You do not wish for Wonder Woman to get dirty after she kicks her arse you know.

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