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In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw Wolverine’s head. The team on our site is very fond of this character, so we have created a lot of tutorials about him.

The tutorial is going to be pretty tricky, but in the end, you should get a realistic Wolverine head. If you want to draw this character in full growth, visit our tutorial on How to Draw Wolverine.

So, let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw Wolverine’s head.

Step 1

Draw an oval first. This figure also looks like an egg. This is the first step, so do not press too hard on the pencil, because in the next steps, you will erase all the guidelines.

Step 2

Continue drawing the mask of Wolverine. Draw the lines of symmetry for the face. They must intersect at right angles. The vertical line divides Wolverine’s head into two equal parts, and the horizontal line will show the approximate position of the eyes. Wolverine’s head is tilted slightly forward, so the eye line will be slightly curved.

Step 3

It’s hard to imagine a classic Wolverine without his famous mask. Using smooth lines sketch out the nose, mouth, and outlines of the upper part of the mask. Begin by drawing two lines in the eyebrow area and draw them up and out.

Step 4

Continue the lines drawn earlier. Carefully sketch out the top and side parts of the mask’s ears as shown in our example. Next, using smooth lines, carefully sketch out the opening of the mask.

Step 5

Start drawing the facial features. So, first of all, draw the eyes. Then draw a nose that looks like a rectangle with slightly jagged sides. Then sketch out the mouth and cheekbone lines. By the way, in our lesson on how to draw a face, we described in sufficient detail how to draw face details.

Step 6

So, the construction lines are drawn, and it’s time to start drawing the details. Using clear and dark lines trace the lines of the eyes and ears of the mask. Using clear and dark lines, draw the folds of the wrinkles as in our example.

Step 7

Draw the jaw like in our example. Give the outlines of the jaw a more angular look. Carefully trace the outline of the mouth, giving it a complete look. Draw the teeth using short lines. Add folds to make Wolverine’s face more expressive.

Step 8

Draw the stubble with lots of short lines. Next, using hatching, draw shadows. Start from the darkest areas and gradually work towards the lighter ones. In our article on light and shadow, we talked in some detail about shadows and how to draw them.

This was a lesson on how to draw a Wolverine’s head and our team hopes you enjoy it. Write in the comments which comic book character you would like to see on the pages of our site.


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