How to Draw Wisdom Kanji, Wisdom Kanji

How to Draw Wisdom Kanji, Wisdom Kanji

Step one:

It is important to determine what type of drawing instrument you’ll make use of. It is possible to use an eraser if unfamiliar with the process of creating Japanese words or the thicker marker or felt pen. After you’ve decided what you’ll be using in this lesson Draw a single swoop starting on the left, and then to the right.

Step two:

Then, draw a large and big line straight down and at the bottom, have the line sweep toward the left.

Step three:

Make a vertical line as you can see in this picture As you progress towards the right end, you can reduce the length of the line.

Step four:

Create two marks, with one that resembles an enormous big T. The marks appear to be painted on the paper or canvas when they are written.

Step five:

In the final step, create a box which appears like it’s been squished in a similar way. You can erase any mistakes that you have made.

Step six:

Here is the Japanese word “wisdom”. It can be used to refer to anything you’d like.

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