how to draw wings

In this drawing class, we will teach you ways to draw wings. If you are looking to create mythical creatures (for instance, Cupid), you likely require the ability to draw wings.


Step 1

First, we will sketch what we think are the contours that define the upper section of the wings. Notice the apparent curvature in the medial portions of both models.




Step 2

Draw the contours below the wings to create the final silhouettes. The upper corners must be pointed in the same manner as in our example.




Step 3

We draw the lines that radially diverge, covering almost all of the wings. Unpainted areas should be like small wings which are situated in the middle.




Step 4

You’re thinking this is an extremely difficult step you think? In reality, we have to draw the ovals that fill in the gaps between the lines drawn in the earlier step. Pay attention to the symmetry and the differences in size and shape of the ovals.




Step 5

Repetition the process with minor adjustments. You can also draw ovals However, now they need to be smaller. Additionally, these figures must be orientated downwards.




Step 6

This is the phase where we will draw the final row of oval forms. The tiniest figures that we draw. Ovals with a lateral location should be orientated upwards.




Step 7

This is the easiest part of the entire lesson In fact. In this case, we will need to create smooth lines that follow the contours of feathers. The densest row has no lines.




Step 8

In this phase, we examine the form of our wings as well as the proportions of the pattern. Check the segmentation of each wing as well as the differences in size. If you don’t see any errors or mistakes You can move on to the next stage.




Step 9

You can add some hue. We chose to go with the light gray color on the wings. You could choose a different color for the wings if you draw an image with blue or dark wings.




Make sure to record your thoughts in the comments. When designing fresh drawing guidelines, we concentrate on your needs.

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