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How to Draw Weeping Willow

How to Draw Weeping Willow

Step one:

It’s a simple lesson. Begin with the shapes and guidelines, and then draw the facial guidelines.

Step two:

Your guides will help you to draw Willow’s face. Next, draw her eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Then you will draw her long straight hair, which is parted. Next, draw in her neck and shoulders. Finally draw her arms. You will also see ripples around her wrists as her hands are in water. Give her breasts.

Step three:

Draw her body shape and add details to her stomach and hips.

Step four:

Finally, draw the swirling water or tears. Inside the swirl you’ll find the skulls of her souls. There are also rib bones, and even limb bone. Add definition, then erase any mistakes and guides.

Step five:

You are done! You can now color the drawing.

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