How to Draw Warrior Cats

Cats might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about powerful warriors.

Although these animals don’t often look like warriors, the Warrior Cats series features them as the main characters and they take part in many adventures and battles!

They have been featured in many books and series and have gained a lot of fans all over the world.

Many would like to draw Warrior Cats in order to show their support for the series.

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This step-by–step guide will show you how to draw Warrior Cats. You’ll be able to draw your favorite characters in no matter what time it takes!

1st Step:

This guide will show you how to draw Warrior Cats.

This head will have a lot of pointed, sharp lines. It will look furrily furrowed.

However, the lines for the ears will be slightly more smooth. Refer to the reference image closely when drawing this step or any others.

2nd Step:

This section of your Warrior Cats drawing can be done on your cat’s back or chest.

These lines will be pointed and sharp, just like the ones you used for the head in step 1.

You’re now ready to move on to step 3.

3rd Step:

This is the part of our guide to drawing Warrior Cats. You can add your first leg. This leg will be long and thick, with a large paw at its end.

This step also allows you to draw the beginning of your cat’s belly.

4th Step:

Once you have drawn the front leg, add the thicker rear leg to your Warrior Cats drawing.

The leg you draw will look identical to the one before, but it will be thicker.

The front will have smooth lines, while the back will be more jagged to make it furry.

5th Step:

Every cat needs a tail. We will add one to this step of our guide on drawing Warrior Cats. A cat’s tail is usually quite thin. But this cat will have a long, furry tail.

The top of the tail will be smooth, while the bottom will still have the jagged look you created previously in order to make a furry look.

6th Step:

So far you’ve completed two legs for your Warrior Cats Drawing. Now it’s time to add the second!

These will be next to your previous drawings, and will look very similar.

7th Step:

You will need to finish the coloring phase of this guide to drawing Warrior Cats.

You will need to draw a face. You can make the eyes of the cat large and angular by adding some circular shapes to them.

Next, draw a nose under the eyes. Finally, finish the face by adding curves to the mouth.

You can finish the image by adding some details before moving on. We have added lines to the tail and back to give the cat some striped details, as you can see from the reference image.

You can also add your personal details, such as a background or other design to the image. What are you going to do with this final picture?

8th Step:

You will finish your Warrior Cats drawing with colors.

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