Hello, dear comic book fans. Today we have decided to add a new section “Comics” and created an instructional video on drawing Warpath.

Step 1
Let’s begin at the beginning with that stickman (skeleton). Draw his head, in the shape in the shape of an oval. Next, outline a long spine. Add a thorax and pelvis. Draw the arms out as well as legs with a wide space. Utilize very light, nearly invisible lines in the initial and the second step.

Step 2
Let’s increase the volume. Draw the intersecting lines in the face. Then draw out the body, which is broad in the shoulders, and slim in the waist. Then sketch out the legs and arms using simple geometric shapes. It is important to note that the character we have created is quite similar to a mannequin of a typical size.

Step 3
Let’s start working on specifics. Draw long hair. On the face, sketch out the eyes, nose, and mouth. With smooth lines, connect the geometric shapes drawn in the previous step and create your character’s muscles. Draw the details of the clothes like in our illustration.

Step 4
The major lines of Warpath are in place, beginning with this stage we’ll be working on the specifics. By using long and slightly curved lines, draw the hair. Then draw facial features of the face like the nose, eyes, and mouth. Draw out the angular facial contours.


Step 5
Lower yourself a bit, and draw the neck out. Then draw the torso with abdominal and pectoral muscles. Eliminate any unnecessary line from your torso. Finally, draw the pattern of the eagle pattern in our illustration.

Step 6
Let’s look at the arm muscles of our hero. Eliminating all the rules from the arms, draw out the muscles of the deltoid and triceps, biceps, and forearm muscles. Make bandages for the biceps as well as bracers on the wrists.

Step 7
Then let’s get towards those legs that make up our superhero. Eliminating any unnecessary lines, carefully draw quadriceps, calf muscles, and knees. Make creases, and draw footwear with fringe.

Step 8
Let’s present Warpath with its complete appearance. For this, we’ll add shadows. The shadows are drawn through hatching, like the example in the case as well as in the lesson on Bishop or you can draw shadows that are black and solid, like in the lessons on Spider-Man and Robin.

In this drawing class, we taught our readers what to draw in Warpath in Marvel. Which other lessons in drawing would you want to find on our site? Please write down your comments and suggestions here or on our social media networks.

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