Kind time of the day dear artists! Today we’ll teach you how to draw. The kind time of the day dear artists! Today we will show ways to draw Vulture in Marve. Vulture is a name for six supervillains developed through Marvel Comics. One of them all is Adrian Toomes, the enemy of Spider-Man.
Step 1
Let’s begin with the structure of the vulture’s skeleton. Draw the head in the shape of an oval. Then, draw the spine with one line. Then draw a chest as well as the pelvis. Draw the legs and arms using simple lines.
Step 2
Draw the connecting lines on the face With this, we’ll draw the main features of the face. Then, outline the torso that tapers towards the legs, waist, and arms using simple geometric designs (circles and Cylinders).
Step 3
Continue drawing tutorial on drawing Vulture of Marvel. In this easy step, you only need to sketch out the collar and huge wings using simple lines.
Step 4
Draw the eyes with the horizontal line that was drawn in Step 2. Utilizing an upward line on the face draw the nose. Then, under the nose, make a mouth. Create wrinkles, and move on to the next stage.
Step 5
Draw out the shapes that the head will take. Make sure that the head becomes more narrow towards the chin. Draw large cheekbones, and ears and move into the following step.
Step 6
Utilizing very small lines, sketch the contours of your collar. Then sketch the torso using slightly prominent pectoral muscles. Remove all extra lines of the body.
Step 7
Then draw small, but round deltoid muscles. Then draw the upper arms and forearms. Make sure that the arms be slim enough. When you are done with this step, clench your palms into fists.
Step 8
By drawing straight lines, trace the feathers onto those wings that make up our Vulture.
Step 9
Then, by erasing the rest of the lines, draw those legs that make up our Vulture. Draw lines of muscle on the knees, legs, and feet. Be aware that the legs, as the arms must be extremely slim.
Step 10
We’ve reached the final stage of the drawing course on drawing the Vulture of Marvel. In this case, we’ll add feathers as a texture to the Vulture’s costume in small regions of shadows, using the technique of traditional hatching.

We are avid readers of comics, and we try to create as many as we can on villains and heroes. If you’d like our help drawing your favorite character from comics, be sure to mention it in the comments below this article.

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