Vulcan is a character comic book supervillain from Marvel Comics, first appearing in the pages of X-Men: Deadly Genesis # 1 (January 2006). In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show how to draw ways to draw Vulcan in Marvel Comics.

Step 1
As per tradition, we should begin with the structure of our character’s skeleton. The skeleton, also known as “Stickman” should be drawn with very light lines. In the beginning, we trace out the head, and then the spine’s lines, and then place the pelvis and the thorax. Utilizing gentle lines, we sketch the legs and arms. To know details about sketching the skeleton of the character, check out the tutorial on drawing Dr. Manhattan.

Step 2
We now sketch two lines that intersect on the face, using which we draw the specifics of the face. Then, sketch out the outline of the torso. This expands at the shoulder and then narrows at the waist. Then, draw the outline of the legs and arms with simple geometric shapes like in our illustration. Be aware that this step should also be done using very gentle lines.

Step 3
Let’s begin by working on the most basic aspects of our sketch of Vulcan. Start by drawing the head, then sketch out the outline of the nose, eyes, and mouth using the lines that intersect on the head. Then, sketch the outline of the costume as illustrated in our example.

Step 4
From this point then we’ll work on the final details. As per the tradition, we’ll begin by drawing the face. Utilizing sharp and dark lines, sketch out the specifics on the face. Then, draw the lines of hair and the contours that define the facial features. After this process, take out any unneeded guidelines on the hair of Vulcan.

Step 5
An easy step by which we sketch the specifics of the body. Therefore, using both black and white lines, sketch out the outline of the torso as illustrated in our illustration. Make sure you draw the pectoral muscles as well as your abdominal muscles. Then, draw lines for the costume over the torso. Remove any unnecessary rules.

Step 6
Let’s now look at those arms that our characters wear. With the aid of smooth and clear lines, trace the shoulder contours as well as the triceps, biceps, and muscles of the forearm. In the same manner, trace all the contours of clenched fingers. After the process, carefully draw the lines of gloves, then take away any unnecessary guidelines off the arms.

Step 7
Let’s now look at those legs in our model. With the aid of straight and clear lines, trace the outline of the muscle groups for the legs, as illustrated in the example. The same way you draw the feet and knees. Make the line of the shoes and then remove all guidelines that are not needed off the legs.

Step 8
Vulcan is an animal that has the capacity to manage enormous quantities of energy. Utilizing curving lines, draw the outline of this energy in your body. Then by the technique of hatching draw shadows as illustrated in the example.

It was a drawing class that is classic where we taught the students the art of drawing supervillains drawn from Marvel’s Marvel Universe. To learn you can draw characters that are not from Marvel as well as other universes of comics go to our category titled “Comics” on our website.

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