The Marvel universe has been in existence for a long time, and within the Marvel universe, there are lots of characters. We believe that One of the more intriguing characters from this universe is Vision which is a robot android with incredible intelligence. In this drawing lesson, we’ll teach the viewers the art of drawing Vision.
Step 1
Drawing lessons for people start with a skeleton such as the “stickman”, and this lesson is no different. Utilizing thin lines, we sketch the head as a shape of an oval, and then both the spine and neck. On the spine, sketch out the pelvis and chest. With the aid of simple lines draws the legs and arms. Also, in order to understand how to draw a stickman go to the tutorial on drawing an individual.
Step 2
We can now add some muscle to your Vision drawing. In the beginning, we sketch 2 lines across the forehead to help draw the features of the face. The next step is to sketch the neck as well as the outline of the torso. It increases on the shoulders and narrows at the waist. With the aid of gentle lines and simple geometric lines, draw out the legs and arms.
Step 3
In order to make our drawing appear more like a Vision rather than an actual dummy, we’ll include some basic details in the sketch. We’ll start with the head. Sketch the nose, eyes, and mouth using thin lines. Next, sketch the outline of the mask as well as the high collar. Draw out the length of the cape as well as the lines of the costume’s specifics. Make sure to sketch the chest with a rhombus.
Step 4
In the earlier steps, we utilized very thin and invisible lines. In this step, we’ll employ darker, more precise lines. With these lines, draw the facial features as illustrated in the illustration, and the outline that the mask. Take away all unnecessary lines from the face and draw the collar.
Step 5
Moving on to the upper torso. We will have to precisely draw out the abdominal muscles, and pectoral muscles as well as the body’s shape, which, as we’ve previously mentioned, must be slender in the waist region. In the same way, you need to trace those lines that the dress cloak lays around the shoulders and eliminate all unnecessary guidelines from the torso.
Step 6
Let’s get to those arms that are part of Vision right now. With the aid of black and white lines, carefully trace the outline of the muscles that are large in the arms, deltoids the triceps, biceps, and biceps muscle groups of forearms. Draw the hands carefully as we have shown in our example (to find out more information about this, check out the tutorial on drawing the hands).
Step 7
We can do it again and draw the lower portion of the body Vision This means that we’ll draw out all the details using dark and clear lines. In drawing your legs, think about all the lines that connect the knee joints and muscles like in the example. For this, you can draw with ink, just like comic artists.
Step 8
Now, using long clean, and straight lines Make sure to draw carefully that long cape worn by superheroes. Make sure to convey the correct folds and lines just as in the example below. In the same way, you must also eliminate any unnecessary instructions from the sketch.
Step 9
We will draw shadows to add some depth to the drawing. Shadows will be drawn in the fashion of comics from the past. In the beginning, we must draw the outlines as well as contours for shadows. It is important to note that the majority of shadows are visible on the cape. Then, you can paint the shadows black. To draw lighter shadows, you can use thick hatching.

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