How to Draw Virgo From Fairy Tail

How to Draw Virgo From Fairy Tail

Step one:

Begin sketching the head guideline, and then draw the shoulders. Sketch the facial contours after that.

Step two:

We will now draw in the front of the hairstyle, which includes sideburns and bangs. The bangs have a sloping pattern and as are the sides.

Step three:

Draw the outline of the face of Virgo. Then go to step four.

Step four:

Drawing the shape of the eyes and then draw the dark, thick lines of the lids. Bring expression to her face inside the mouth and nose and eyebrows.

Step five:

Draw the collar of the shirt, which has been buttoned. Then draw the shoulders.

Step six:

Now draw the shirt’s line and then draw the straps of the apron she is wearing and put the pleated ruffle on in the top part of her apron.

Step seven:

Draw the hairstyle’s back and then draw the crown of her bonnet. Include the wavy lid liner for the bonnet , and then move through step 8.

Step eight:

Then, draw pleats on the bonnet, starting from the base. Then, erase any mistakes or guidelines.

Step nine:

Here’s the finalized picture of Virgo from Fairy Tail, now all you need to color is.

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