How to Draw Vines -

How to Draw Vines

How to Draw Vines

Welcome to this drawing lesson! I am grateful to you for letting me share my passion for drawing with you . free to use the tools and materials you enjoy the most. I would highly suggest drawing using the pencil first when you begin so that you aren’t worrying about it! Don’t be afraid to erase.

Step 1. First Curve

Start by drawing an angle on the left-hand part of the paper, close to the bottom, and then curve to the right. The trick to drawing lush vines is to get the curves to appear organic so that as you work through the steps, don’t be uncomfortable erasing or fixing lines. Drawing lines that are curved and seem natural may be difficult initially, but with time you’ll get the hang of it quickly!

Step 2. Top Curve

Include an upward curve from the curve you just made. These two lines will form what will be the stems of central the vine.

Step 3. Right Stem

Make a curve from the original line that curves to the to the right. Take note of how it feels like the line is separating from its stem. Take note of the tiny distinction in the lines that we drawn.

Step 4. Split

A second split line can be added higher in that middle line.

Step 5. Lower Split

Create a curved line at the center line’s bottom that curves upwards to the left side. The line is more long than the line we sketched at the beginning of this process.

Step 6. Small Split

You can add a separate splitting line to the right line , which is inclined toward the bottom. Use the diagram to determine the line that was to be added (in the blue).

Step 7. Leaf Top

Let’s give some structure to the top leaf. Start by drawing a sharp curve (almost as a semi circle) towards the top of the line.

Step 8. Complete Leaf

Complete this leaf by drawing lines that cut across the middle (in pink) and then draw a line that connects towards the center stem lines (in the blue). This technique will be used of creating leaves throughout this lesson.

Step 9. Right Leaf

Draw a line along the split line under the leaf that we have finished. draw the line towards the middle. Note that this leaf has a sharp edge unlike the other one which is rounded in its tip. Small variations like this help drawings feel more natural. Understanding how to achieve this can improve the quality of your drawings of flowers and plants dramatically.

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Step 10. Complete Leaf

End your leaf using a pencil which returns towards the line of stem.

Step 11. Round Tip

Include a rounded tip on the leaf to the lower left, using the same method like the previous round leaf. I’ve shown the line split in two parts in the diagram to make it easier to see the structure that the line follows. The breaking down of curves into sections of straight lines can help you understand them better. People who are beginners tend to draw curving lines that are too symmetrical and round, the ideal is zones of very straight lines contrasting with lines that are straighter or just have an a little curve.

How to Draw Vines


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