How To Draw Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z is full of cool characters who bring unique personalities and powerful abilities to the table.

Vegeta is a popular character in the series. His complex personality can be both heroic and evil.

He, like most characters in the series has a fantastic visual design that makes it easy to draw Vegeta.

This guide will thrill fans of this character, so make sure you keep reading!

How to Draw Tinkerbell

This step-by-step guide will help you draw Vegeta.

1st Step:

Vegeta’s spiky hair is one of the most distinctive features of him and the other Saiyan characters in the series.

This is the first step in our guide to drawing Vegeta. Try to imagine his hair as many connected points.

Keep this in mind when creating the connections between the shapes.

These shapes together will create a triangular shape that becomes thinner as it approaches the tip.

To create a little widow’s top hairstyle, the part that runs from his forehead to his ears will be shaved with a sharp edge.

Finish by adding line details to the points of his hairstyle.

2nd Step:

This section of the Vegeta drawing will have a lot of details. Please take your time and make sure you look at the reference image.

We will begin with his face. For his eyebrows, make sure to use angled shapes that are both rectangular and pointed. This will make him appear serious and angry.

His eyes will be quite small and narrow. Then his nose and mouth will be drawn using simple lines.

Next, draw his facial outline as well as his ear. Once you are done, connect his head and thick neck.

It may be difficult to draw his arms. To get the proportions right, you can copy the reference image we have provided.

His gloves, tops and muscles will have subtle lines.

3rd Step:

This is the third part of , our guide on drawing Vegeta. We will extend his body further by drawing some of his waist.

Draw a contour around his waist using curved lines and bumpy lines. Then, try to add rounded shapes where you see them in the photo.

These will make him appear more muscular. Next, draw more muscle detail around his abdomen. Finally, add curves to the tops and sides of his legs.

4th Step:

The fourth step in your Vegeta drawing is to finish one leg and add details to the other.

To give his pants some battle damage detail for a dynamic image, they will be a little bit torn.

You can add curves to the leg outlines on the right. Once again, the reference photo will help you determine how to depict the proportions of the body and the musculature.

Draw his boot, which should be straight at the top with a wide base and narrow at the bottom. The next step will be to finish the other leg and add some details.

5th Step:

This step of will be completed. Refer to our guide on drawing Vegeta! Drawing his other boot is the most important thing.

The final one will be very similar to the one you previously drew but at a slightly different angle.

After you’ve completed the second leg, your Vegeta drawing can be colored!

Be sure to add any details or elements you want before you move on.

To represent your Vegeta moments or appearances, you can draw a background. You could also look at stills of the scene to recreate the look.

You could also look up images of Dragonball characters that you like to draw alongside Vegeta.

These are just a few of our suggestions. But if you want to add more elements to the picture, what other ideas can you think of to make it even better?

6th Step:

The next step is to finish your Vegeta drawing using some incredible colors. We colored Vegeta into our reference image to give it a screen-accurate appearance.

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