How To Draw Valt Aoi Step by Step || Beyblade Burst

You could use the step-by step drawing tutorial below.

Step 1: Draw the outline of the face.

So, first foremost, you need to draw the face-shaped that is Valt Aoi. You need to draw the shape , then trace the hairline. In the end, you need to create Vali Ooi’s ears. I hope that you have a clear understanding of the steps I will be describing at this point. If you are able to comprehend this step, then you need to take the time to read the rest of the steps below.

Step 2: Step 2: Draw Valt Aoi’s eyes, nose and Mouth

Friends, we must Draw Valt’s Eyes, Nose and Mouth. In the beginning, you must draw the eyes of Valt Aoi. In order to draw Valt Aoi’s eyes you need to draw the form of eyes. Drawing eyeballs is simple to draw. Then, we need to sketch Valt Aoi’s nose as well as his mouth.

Drawing the nose is simple to draw, as you will take a look at this step picture. The next step is drawn the mouth inside the mouth. You must also create the dental structure. If you’re confused then you should go through the Beyblade Drawing tutorial video.

Step 3 Draw Valt Aoi’s hair

So, guys, we must sketch the hair of Valt Aoi. For drawing Valt Aoi’s hair, you need to first draw the form of the hair. Draw some lines that you can see in the picture of this step. I hope that you can understand exactly how you draw the hairs Valt Aoi.

Step 4. Draw Valt Aoi’s Hands

So , friends, now we must sketch the hands of Valt Aoi. For drawing Valt Aoi’s hand, we need to draw the form of the hand. Next, draw the fingers in the middle of your hand. Then, we must draw lines of the fingers that can be seen in the illustration in this stage.

Step Five Valt Aoi From Beyblade Drawings Created

So , guys, the painterly work of Valt Aoi was completed. You must color. It’s essential to color the Beyblade drawing. I hope you enjoy this drawing greatly.

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