How To Draw Valentine Snoopy

How To Draw Valentine Snoopy

Step one:

The first step is to create two forms, one for the head, and the other to cover the body. It is then possible to join both shapes using the torso line. You will then attach the single face guideline.

Step two:

Utilize Head Guide to draw Snoopy’s head. the snout’s shape as follows. Add three hair strands and proceed on to step 2.

Step three:

Next step, you can use the facial guideline to draw in Snoopy’s cute eyes. Next, draw the eyebrows and shade in an olive-shaped nose.

Step four:

Draw the ear of Snoopy’s and then draw the lining to the front of his head and neck.

Step five:

Then, color that black area on your ears and then go to the sixth step.

Step six:

The next step is drawing the lining that will be used for Snoopy’s collar. Then draw the hand, arm and fingers.

Step seven:

Make sure that Snoopy’s neck is finished and his collar is complete Then draw the first heart Snoopy is holding.

Step eight:

Completely draw Snoopy’s body, including the foot and leg. Add toe lines and you’re done.

Step nine:

Draw the tail of Snoopy and put the black spotting onto the tail and back of his head.

Step ten:

The final drawing step all you need do is sketch all the hearts that surround Snoopy’s existence. Remove any mistakes, along with the rules and the shapes.

Step eleven:

Here’s Valentine Snoopy when you are completed. You can now include some bright colors to tie the whole thing together.

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