How to Draw Valentine Pucca and Garu

How to Draw Valentine Pucca and Garu

StepĀ  one:

Begin by sketching Garu. Start with a simple circles for Garu’s head.

Step two:

In this section, you draw the stem line of pigtails. The pigtails are wrapped in cloth and pinned straight up. Attach the spiky ends to the pigtails, and then move to.

Step three:

Create the hood or mask lining within the circle that you created for the opening of the face. Do it, then draw the eyes with slits as well as a smile mouth.

Step four:

Begin by drawing the outline for Pucca. Include the bun-like hairstyle and you’re finished for the moment.

Step five:

We’ll draw the frame of the face on the face mask’s inside, after which we draw the slits to eyebrows, eyes and a the u-shaped smile.

Step six:

We’re almost finished. All you need to do is draw the Garu’s petite body. It’s just the belly, arm and legs.

Step seven:

Are you prepared to sketch Pucca’s figure? Then start by drawing the shirt, the sleeves and the small arms visible through the sleeves.

Step eight:

What you must do is draw Pucca’s legs. Then, draw an elongated heart on Garu’s chest. If you make mistakes, remove them now.

Step nine:

Here’s this line drawing. You can now paint them and embellish your drawing with seasonal colors in time for Valentine’s Day or any other holiday.

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