How To Draw Valentine Pikachu

How To Draw Valentine Pikachu

Step one:

Begin by drawing a circular shape for the head. Then, sketch the facial contours. After that, you can draw the outline for Pikachu’s physique.

Step two:

Begin to sketch out the real shape of the head. leaving two tiny empty spaces to accommodate the ears.

Step three:

Draw the circles to make eyes, and then color the eyes. Then, you will create an eye, nose, and mouth.

Step four:

When you’ve drawn the ears of Pikachu, all that you have to do is place the tiny circles to the cheeks, then draw a heart-shaped tongue.

Step five:

Draw the card he’s holding and also the fingers of his pointed fingers.

Step six:

Next, write “I Pika U”.

Step seven:

Find Pikachu’s massive body, as well as his feet, which are also adorable.

Step eight:

You can now draw the electric bolt tail. Eliminate the mistakes and the guidelines.

Step nine:

Here’s the line art once you’ve finished. Color with Pikachu with vivid hues.

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