How to Draw Valentine Pepe Le Pew

How to Draw Valentine Pepe Le Pew

Step one:

Draw the outline of the head. Then, draw make a beaker as the body. Make small circles for Pepe’s hands. Draw on guides for the face and tail.

Step two:

Define the form of the face , which has an elongated forehead with wide cheeks.

Step three:

Next, draw in the hair. Then draw the ear’s small part. Make sure to add details within the ear, and you may also add eyebrows.

StepĀ  four:

Draw the nose shape, then draw into Pepe Le Pew’s mouth.

Step five:

Make the shapes of the eyes. Then draw the tongue and nose before moving on to the sixth step.

Step six:

Draw the heart’s shape in the largest size Then draw the fingers gripping the heart.

Step seven:

It is now possible to draw Pepe LePew’s physique. Begin with the shoulder, then move to the arms, legs and the body.

Step eight:

Draw the feet in and then add belly markings, and then put on the feet.

Step nine:

You can complete the body by drawing out the long curled, thick tail. Layer the layers on the sides and you’re done. Remove the mistakes and guidelines and then move on to step 10.

Step ten:

Then, add the stripe in the middle of the tail and you’re done.

StepĀ  eleven:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Then you can colour the line art with Pepe The Pew for the final touch. off.

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