How To Draw Valentine Minions

How To Draw Valentine Minions

Step one:

Begin by drawing two oval-like shapes, before drawing the lines.

Step two:

Then Draw the Minion’s body in a definite manner, and the arm is placed in the rear. Additionally, draw the lips that are puckered.

Step three:

You can put the gloved hand that is behind his back and draw the suspenders out of his overalls. The seam lines can be added to the pants and you can add a small pocket to the front.

Step four:

Now, we will draw the straps for the goggles. We will after that, draw in the lens, as well as the closed eye as well as blush marks on the cheek.

Step five:

To finish the Minion’s first minion Draw the feet and legs.

Step six:

Determine the shape of the head of the female Minion, draw her lips puckered and ensure that they’re in line with the lips of the other Minion. Once that’s done, make the hairstyle she wants too.

Step seven:

Goggles are also worn by her, so make sure to draw in her goggles too. When you’re done, draw the eye that is closed and make sure that the mascara is long and thick. Make sure to apply the blush marks on her cheeks and then draw the flower.

Step eight:

Now we can draw the strap to her clothes and then the flower at the top.

Step nine:

Then, draw the rest of her dress, followed by her arm and hand. Once you’ve finished, draw the lashes and feet. Remove the guides and mistakes and you’re done.

Step ten:

That’s it. Now you are all set to color your sketch or this Valentine Minions.

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