How to Draw Valentine Mike Wazowski

How to Draw Valentine Mike Wazowski

Step one:

The first thing to draw is an enormous heart, like the one that shown here.

Step two:

This is where you’ll compose your message. I’ve just written a simple “Love You”.

Step three:

Next , draw Mike’s hands which are gripping the sides of his heart as he’s trying with it. You can then draw in his legs and feet. Make sure to include the massive nails.

Step four:

Next , draw in Mike’s huge cycloptic eye. Fill in the pupil with color and then draw some stress lines along the top of his eyes.

Step five:

Then draw Mike Wazowski’s entire body. It’s only possible to see his back and his head and his back, but it’s all you require to see. Include the tiny horns as well as some details. Eliminate any mistakes you may have made.

Step six:

It’s over, you’re completed. You can now begin coloring your picture for Valentine Mike Wazowski.

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