How to Draw Valentine Freddy Fazbear

How to Draw Valentine Freddy Fazbear

Step one:

Make a huge head-shaped shape and then draw the lines for arms and face.

Step two:

Draw the Freddy’s face. Then draw the snout.

Step three:

Here , draw the oblong-shaped ears and then draw the bottom of the ear.

Step four:

Finish the line of the head, and then add your small cap. Make sure you have the lid on and you’re finished.

Step five:

The upper part of the cap and the inside of the ears. Draw the eyebrows, and then draw the big forms of the eyes.

Step six:

Create deep detail and add color to certain pupils. Draw the nose, and draw in the mouth and lips. Include the teeth as well.

Step seven:

It is time to draw the body. Begin with the arms and torso.

Step eight:

Incorporate some fingers and then draw the sleeve line and the heart-shaped bow tie. Include smaller hearts and you’re done.

Step nine:

Begin drawing the outline that the banner will take. This is the top liner for the banner.

Step ten:

Complete the banner, and then draw the silhouettes of the shoes or feet.

Step eleven:

In this section, you can draw the message “be mine or die”. This is all there is. You can begin erasing mistakes that you may have made mistakes, and also the rules and forms.

Step twelve:

Here is your lineart once you’re done. Then you can add colour to Freddy and bring him to life.

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