Today, we’ll once again delight people who enjoy cool and high-quality anime. We have returned to the theme to draw characters of Tokyo Ghoul. We present to you an illustration tutorial on drawing Uta in Tokyo Ghoul. It’s a stylish and dark-styled anime. We like this show extremely. This is why we offer numerous lessons about characters from the universe.

Step 1

The first step is to draw an female stickman. At first, it is often difficult to tell if we’re creating an animated character. We now have something that resembles the stickman from a teenage girl. Three figures are round comprising chest, head, and pelvis. Each figure is unsymmetrical due to the angle. It is recommended that the pelvis be bigger than the chest and larger over the top. Learn more about the drawing guidelines for female figures in the article on drawing an attractive girl.



Step 2

We put flesh on the stickman, but we first draw Uta’s face. Draw the horizontal and vertical lines that show the center of the face as well as the eye location. Then we draw a beautiful neck, and connect it to the shoulders. By using thin and long rectangles, trace the curves that the arms.

Additionally, we sketch out the corpus. It’s shape is an hourglass, which tapered into the waist area. By using curved cylinders, you can make the leg muscles appear more. Remember that legs narrow around ankles and knees. Don’t make your arms and legs too strong and pumping.


Step 3.

Then we will add the fundamental details to be drawn the same way with thin lines. This is how we sketch the facial features and the contours of beautiful, short, tousled hair. We then move on towards the body, drawing out the outline of casual clothing and a the cutouts of a T-shirt on the chest.


Step 4

If you’ve never watched this series, we’re sorry to spoil the show for you. Uta is an eerie ghoul. Her eyes appear a bit different from other characters in anime. You can notice the distinctive design of her eyes as well as pupils. But, all of his hairstyle and features are very typical for an anime characters.


Step 5

Let’s now look at the body that is Uta who is from Tokyo Ghoul. With dark lines straight lines trace the outline of the torso’s curves. Then, draw the folds of the t-shirt’s fabric across the chest. Then, remove any unnecessary lines. Don’t forget to create a necklace around the neck.


Step 6

It’s time to get to work on those hands that represent our characters. We are blessed that we don’t have to draw hands or fists in this drawing lesson. This isn’t an easy job. We trace the finger of our right hand. We also need to draw what we think is the tattoos on the left shoulder of Uta.


Step 7

The lightest part of this tutorial on drawing anime. We are now drawing large jeans. It is important to draw the outline of the fly, as well as a few folds of the fabric during this process. Most folds are situated close to the feet. Additionally, there are folds that are located around knees.


Step 8

In this section of the tutorial on drawing Uta of Tokyo Ghoul the drawing will be done in shadows. We should be sure to avoid bright and contrasty shadows, as you can find in comic book drawing classes. In this instance, it’s more beneficial to use light, realistic shadows that appear like tiny regions of large openings.

If you’re illustration from Uta in the anime Tokyo Ghoul is like ours, then been reading this article with a good reason. We’ve said before that we are anime lovers and we try to make it known on our site. We are hoping that among you there are numerous anime fans. If that is the case, we’ll draw further lessons in anime style. Now, we’re going to say goodbye to you. Do not forget to share your thoughts about this drawing lesson on the comment section.

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