How To Draw Uncle Sam Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

How To Draw Rosalina Step by Step

Step 1

Begin this step by following directions and shapes so that you are able to create a frame for Uncle Sam. Begin with an oval-shaped round for the head. You can then draw guide lines to the face. Then, outline the top of his cap and then outline his torso, which includes his arms and shoulders.

Step 2

In the next step , you will begin sketching or drawing his face. Start by drawing his brows, which are full of hair. Then draw eyes that resemble almonds and pupils. Then, make 2 “L” shaped lines to draw the cheeks out and make a nose that is wide. You will then draw line lines to define the lip. You will now begin to shape the jacket by creating creases. When you’re done, you’ll draw him with his goatee, you will notice that his hands are pointed right towards you.

Step 3

In this stage, you will complete the lining of his cap, and draw a lines for the strap. Now, you will draw a sketch of his hair that sticks out in a messy fashion over the hat. Draw the collar, and tie’s lining. The next thing to complete is to detail your jacket, adding partitions on the jacket and shirt. Make sure to wrinkle his shirt, and then detail your fingers by adding nails.

Step 4

In this phase, all you have to be doing is to define and define the face using aging lines and the colors of the pupils. Draw a larger Star and 2 half-stars. Then, you can detail his coat a little more, then begin to erase all the shapes and guides that you created in the first step. This is it.

Step 5

Once your drawing is clean, it will appear like this. Pick up blue and red markers, pencils or pencils with colored pencils. This is it. I hope you enjoy this video of drawing Uncle Sam step-by-step. I’ll return with a new tutorial.

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