How to draw Ultra Instinct Goku from Dragon Ball FighterZ

How to draw Ultra Instinct Goku from Dragon Ball FighterZ

Step 1:

Let’s start with this fun lesson. Begin by sketching the Goku guide shapes. These should include a circle to represent the head, and a barrel-like shape for the chest and torso. Next, draw the facial guidelines.

Step 2:

Draw the actual structure for Goku’s head using the head guide. Make sure that the lining is correctly angled so sharp features can be created. Draw in his ear shape.

Step 3:

The Ultra Instinct hairstyle will fill the top. You should draw your hair as you would normally, but more dramatically and large.

Step 4:

Now draw the thick neck shape. Next, draw Goku’s face. To create a fighter-like expression or face, they should be bold and pointed inward. After you have drawn the eyebrows, you can trace the shape of the eyes. Next, add the marks under the eyes. This will create the cheeks. Add a nose to finish Goku’s face. Make sure to include details around the ears and inside the mouth.

Step 5:

Next, we will move onto the body. Draw the shoulders and back of the neck. Since he is wearing his Ultra Instinct fighter costume, this should look strong and muscular. Draw the outline around the neck and then the muscles of the shoulders and arms. You can also add the first chest muscle bump to the left.

Step 6:

Draw the breasts to complete the chest. Once that is complete, draw the torso with all the muscle detail to create these rock-hard abs.

Step 7:

Draw your arms and muscle tone, then wrap that around the waist.

Step 8:

Last minute additions will finish Ultra Instinct Fighter Goku. After you’re done, erase all your guides and mistakes.

Step 9:

This is the final line art. It’s now time to color this fighter and add a background image.

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