In the myths and legends from India, there are lots of characters with many hands or heads. In one of our previous lessons, we taught the drawing process of Airavata an elephant that has three heads. Today, we’ll teach you how to draw Uchchaihshravas the horse with seven heads.

Step 1
Sketch first the thorax, pelvis, and a line from the spine that runs through the tail. Then, we sketch seven heads that are in the shape of circles, and necks as simple lines. Draw the legs before moving on to the next stage.

Step 2
Find the muzzles of a horse as well as the shape of necks. After that, connect the pelvis and chest, and make your outline body. The legs should be stretched out to the sides of the mythical horse, as illustrated in our illustration.

Step 3
Let’s get to work on the details of Uchchaihshravas. Draw the specifics from seven heads. Learn to draw the head of a horse to learn every aspect of the structure of the head of the horse.

Step 4
We continue drawing the details of the head that our horse is believed to have. Be careful to draw muscular necks as well as long manes over the heads. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary lines from the necks and heads.

Step 5
Just a bit below, and then accurately trace the chest. Then, draw the outline of the legs and hooves of our character. Take into consideration the shape of joints and muscles beneath the skin.

Step 6
Let’s now focus on the rear portion that our horses have. Be sure to draw the hind leg and the long tail. Similar to the previous step, remember to consider the muscles and tendons beneath the skin.

The lesson was a drawing exercise about an interesting and gorgeous character from Indian mythology. The mythological characters from which countries would you prefer to see featured on our website? Let us know about it either here or on our social networks. So we came up with this character.

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