How To Draw Twisted Fate

How To Draw Twisted Fate

Step one:

The first step is sketch the guides and shapes for the two skeletons that are identical. The middle looks like the shape of a heart that is rounded.

Step two:

Next, you’ll sketch out the heads of each skull or skeletal model. They must be exactly the same like the ones you see here. Also, add the necks that are made of bone. Sketch the sockets for the jaws and eyes too. Sketch all the details to the skulls, such as the crevasses and cracks.

Step three:

Then draw one body and two hands or arms. The only thing duplicate when you draw both figures are the head and the hands. Sketch all the details and define the skeletal form. It is evident that, they hold pieces of wheat that will be defined later in steps. Draw the rib cage as well as the shading, and the definition.

Step four:

The wheat should be finished and large-looking to match the layout of the concept you’re sketching here. The wheat symbolises new life and fertility. Include definitions and details to them too.

Step five:

Next, you’ll draw the pelvis and legs area.You should also sketch out the details and definition across the entire aspect that you’re drawing. After that, you can draw the bones of the feet and the toes in addition.

Step six:

As you can see in this picture you can draw these huge organs, or lung-like bags. You can add layers of detail across the entire concept as you can see in this picture. They almost look like bigger chunks of grain.

Step seven:

Add more wheat leaves through the back portion of your drawing. Finish the detail on the grains and then wrap with the top.

Step eight:

Here you can add leaves and other items to create a unique design.

Step nine:

In addition, you can add ornamental elements to the sketch as shown here.

Step ten:

Then we will fill in the blank spaces all around the two skeletons. Continue working on the sketch and sketch out the bones.

Step eleven:

Then make sure you add some shading to the drawing as follows. Eliminate the mistakes and guide lines prior to adding the shading.

Step twelve:

Here’s the final product after you’re done. Then you can add some colors if you want.

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