Hello! Today, we’ll draw Tweety a very well-known canary that is usually inseparable from cat Sylvester. The drawing is simple We believe that all of our readers are able to draw it. If you are unable to draw the figure, let us know via comments on the post that made you feel like it was difficult. We’ll now begin the tutorial on drawing Tweety!

Step 1
First, draw a sketch of the head in the form that is an oval. It should appear like a slightly flattened circular shape. As you are aware, the lines of the initial steps should be extremely delicate.

Step 2
Draw the lines of the jaw of Tweety and then mark the vertical axillary lines. You can observe the head is depicted by two figures. The facial symmetry line runs through both of the figures.

Step 3
Draw the body and the upper legs. The result, obviously, is a cartoon-like body surrounded by a head and a slightly sloped neck. From the top of the calf to the arms.

Step 4
Tweety’s arms Tweety are extremely tiny and small. However, the legs are sturdy and big. However, it is easy to draw them – take a look at them as round figures, all of which are sketched with ease without having to lift the pencil off the paper. In the same way, draw the contours on the back.

Step 5
Today’s lesson is not an exception. We have drawn the silhouette of Tweety and now draw the contours of his eyes. We trace an outline of the eyes. It is important to follow the lines drawn from the previous step.

Step 6
A few tiny but important features – the pupils, the long eyelashes that outline the contours of cheeks.

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