How To Draw Tupac Shakur Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

In the initial step of drawing this portrait, draw an outline of all lines and the shapes. When making a portrait, it’s must ensure that you’re drawing lightly to ensure that it’s easy to erase even when you make mistakes. It’s not ideal for your drawing to leave heavy marks of pencil on your sketch. Begin by sketching the design of the headlight in the car placed on its side to show the face’s shape. Draw according to guidelines of facial anatomy to ensure that there is a uniformity of the nose, eyes and mouth, as well as eyebrows. Draw the lines of the ears of his face and for his bandana, along with the neck.

Step 2
The next step is to you’ll outline the remainder of the bandana that is tied to the front. The design resembles the shape of a baby carrot. Draw the details of the right ear, and then keep drawing with his eye. The right eye is an almond shape that is narrow and the left eye is smaller due to his face trying to look at you from the other side. Draw the form of his broad nose using the rounded tips. One of the easiest ways to draw a full mouth is to turn the paper until your face is up , and then draw a lovely long heart. Draw the mustache on his liner before moving to your next stage.

Step 3
As you will see, this is when his face begins to appear to be directly at your soul. First , let’s get started. Draw intricate wrinkles and folds on the bandana in the manner shown. Next, sketch out the bones of his left brow and his long full, feminine long lashes. Draw out the facial structure of his face until you see the form that his cheeks are and his chin. Draw a eyes and brows with a bold line. Then draw his nostrils and eyes in the form of teardrops. Begin painting his mustache lightly, and then add lips.

Step 4
In the fourth step, you’ll be doing some shading. On the right hand side, grab your pencil and outline the hanging portion of the cap that falls on his face. Then, lightly shade his right eyeball as shown. then lightly shade or fill his pupil with a small amount of white to create creating shadows. Apply the same coloring method on the eyeball of his left. There is a little more detail in his ears , and some thin lines around his neck.

Step 5
It is much time filling in and shading during this process. It is creating shadow effects that you will see. Get your shading tool or pencil and begin with the forehead and work as you go down. Before you can do any shading, you’ll be required to erase any visible and shape guides you traced in the first step. Once you have done that, proceed with the shadows. It is best to leave the most in your shade. You want make a shade which starts on his forehead and ends at his chest, as you can observe. Shade in certain areas of of his ears.

Step 6
After you’ve completed your portrait this, let us know what your portrait will appear like. Of course, if you’re using pencil, you’ll get an entirely different style. I created all of my shadows using Photoshop. It’s evident, he looked very real. Overall, Tupac took me two and two-and-a-half hours to draw and color. With the addition of the time for the tutorial to take another 45 minutes. This tutorial should be finished. about drawing Tupac Shakur.

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