Our anime site will never stop. We love anime. We have today made a drawing lesson where we’ll tell you about drawing Touka Kirishima.

It is part 3 installment of Tokyo Ghoul. We’ve already developed lessons on Koutarou Amon and Ken Kaneki. It is our hope this one will prove to be simpler and more effective than the previous ones.

Step 1

Then, we’ll define the essential characteristics of the character Touka Kirishima. We’ll employ the stickman as a reference. The body is what we see as an adult. Your shoulders ought to be larger in comparison to the height of the head. Don’t forget that you are drawing a female. For females, the pelvis should be bigger than the chest.


Step 2

Okay, we’ll begin by working within the contours of our heads. Two lines are drawn that intersect at the center of the head. We then draw the neck in the shape of a long cylinder.

Then we sketch out a body with a slight taper towards the waist and expand towards the hips. In this step, we draw thin and elegant legs and arms.


Step 3.

Now let’s sketch the particulars. The first step is to draw the outline of a hairstyle that is short. Then, on the line horizontally, sketch an eye as well as one eyebrow. Next, sketch out tiny lips and a nose that looks like two lines. Then using smooth lines sketch out the details of earlier steps. Near the conclusion of this process, we sketch out the specifics of clothing that is tight fitting.


Step 4

We’ll only draw the final details with this step. Therefore, we draw all the curls on our Touka Kirishima. We then trace the facial contours. Draw the eyes out using eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Also, don’t forget to check out the drawing lesson on drawing Eren Yeager in Attack on Titan. This tutorial will help you create the facial expression in a cartoon style. Make sure to erase all guidelines that are not needed off the face.


Step 5

In this stage, we’ll be working with clothes that are placed in the upper part of our body. There is a very slim vest. The vest is made of an extremely thin shirt. Therefore, we draw borders and pockets within the contour of the vest. On the shirt, we indicate the high collar as well as several buttons that are situated in the neck region.


Step 6

The time has come to draw the arms with the final detail. Draw sleeves for shirts and open palms using clear lines as you see in the image below. If drawing the arms, think about all folds on the cloth. Also, be cautious when drawing the palms. Make sure to read the blog on how to draw fingers and hands (it is not easy to draw).


Step 7

We continue drawing Touka Kirishima. Let’s get to work on the legs and boots of our character from the anime. We draw the final contours for the legs by making use of dark and curly lines. Draw knee joints on the legs as well as the outlines of shoes. Don’t forget to draw some folds.


Step 8

This is the last step to complete, and now it’s the moment to start working on the shadows of your Touka Kirishima sketch. In the manga, you can see dark and contrasting shadows. In this lesson, we’ll use a different method of working with shadows. First, we’ll identify the light source, after that, using light hatching we’ll add shadows to areas where the light source is not visible.


It was a second anime drawing tutorial, in which we in the simplest method attempted to show viewers the art of drawing Touka Kirishima. This is not a website that is specialized in drawing manga. We have many sections to choose from as you will observe. We really enjoy anime and strive to promote the medium. If you are a fan do write about it in the comments section so that we can be sure that our readers appreciate us.


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