How to Draw Toph from Avatar Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Geisha Girl Step by Step

Now, draw the head of Toph in a circle and then draw guide lines on her face. Then, draw the outline for the hairstyle that you can see here. Then create a line of body movement with only one line being the arm she is using.

Step 2

Draw the actual figure of Toph’s body in accordance with the shape of her dress. After that, draw the lines and forms of her foot. In addition, before you leave you should also draw the lower half of her face.

Step 3

Step three is drawing out her entire body style. Begin by sketching the bangs of her hair, then draw hair ties. Then, draw the form of her back hairstyle. Then, you can begin sketching her eyes.

Step 4

Draw out her eyes, which are blind but gentle Then draw the shape of her mouth and nose. After this, you can begin drawing the top the body which includes her arms and torso. Before drawing the arms, you’ll need to sketch the form and design of the loose sleeves. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be required to draw her belt. then add more details and lines on her clothes to make them appear slightly unflattering. Then, you can draw a bracelet around her wrist.

Step 5

You will now trace the bottom part of the dress, and put pleats and pleats on top. The apron is a kind of fabric at the top of the dress, so be certain to put it on. Draw her fingers and hand, then proceed to the last sketching step.

Step 6

The only thing you need to do is sketch out the outline of her ankles, legs and feet. After that, draw the socks that look like an ankle cuff on her leg. Then, draw her toes. I like the way she turned out. In order to prepare Toph for coloring you’ll have to start eliminating all the guidelines and patterns you created in the first step.

Step 7

Once you’ve learned “how you draw Toph step-by-step” she will appear as the image below. Color her , and you’ve completed your first drawing class of the first days. The students did an excellent job and I hope you will be sure to come back to continue the drawing fun.

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