How to Draw Toothless

In this drawing tutorial, We will show the steps to draw Toothless. You may have guessed that this can be the primary character in an awesome cartoon.
“How to Train Your Dragon”.


Step 1

First, we sketch out how our dragon will look by using two round forms. Then, place these drawings slightly towards the left of the central area of your sheet.



Step 2

Dragons from the universe have lengthy and powerful tails. We’ll draw it. It is clear the tail of the dragon has smooth tapering downwards and the tail is slightly bent.



Step 3.

In this phase, we draw eyes with a narrow, flat shape and a mouth that is large. In this step, the pupils in our eyes have moved towards the center. It is recommended to have a slight space between your eyes and mouth.



Step 4

Did you notice the large comb on the head of Toothless? Let’s draw the comb. Take note of the various dimensions of the protuberances for the ridge.



Step 5

In this stage, we draw the front legs that are rounded. They’re a bit short like that of the Tyrannosaurus. As you can see, the feet have distinct forms because of the angle.



Step 6

The hind dragon’s paws are longer and bigger than those on the front. Let’s draw the paws. Take note of how close the paws are to the tail.




Step 7

Our Toothless also has quite obvious claws that are visible on its paws of its. They look like tiny round outgrowths. In this next step, we’ll draw the claws of these tiny claws onto each foot.




Step 8

Do small front paws pose an issue? But not if you have massive wings with a lot of power. In this next step, we’ll sketch the upper outline of these massive wings.




Step 9

Let’s draw the unexplored paths to reach the massive Toothless wings. The edges that are posterior to the wings closest to us have rounded and indented edges.




Step 10

This is why we continue the tutorial on drawing the Toothless. To add some realness, we’ll make folds to the wings. These are long, long lines that run along the top of the wings.




Step 11

The curves of Toothless’s tail look a little like the contours of the tail of a fish. Let’s draw a fin-like a shape which is situated in the proximal region in the tail.




Step 12

A different fin-like shape will sketch on the distal portion of the tail. It appears like two plates, which have different shapes because of the angle.




Step 13

If we eliminate any unnecessary guidelines We get something like this. If your sketch isn’t what you had in mind, take a look at every step and figure out the exact spot of the areas where you’ve made mistakes.




Step 14

In this stage, we’ll be working on the colors. We have decided to go with traditional and well-known colors. Make a darker shade of the base color to create light shadows.




This guide will help you with drawing Toothless. We hope that this guide has been helpful to you. In closing, we’re waiting for your feedback via comments below this article, or on our social media networks. This is the greatest reward for our efforts!

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