We would like to welcome everyone to 3dvkarts. On our website, there is a category titled “easy drawing” in which we provide lessons on the various tools used for different uses. Today, we have decided to make an instructional video on drawing tongs.

Step 1
First, draw two wide and long rectangles that meet at one point.

Step 2
On the edges of the rectangle, draw two ovals, as we did in the example below.

Step 3
Clear and dark lines draw the handles. Don’t forget to mark the point of the rivet to the point of the convergence.

Step 4
Then, go to the guidelines and draw them using the wavy lines. Get rid of any guidelines that are not needed.

Step 5
Then, let’s add some shading and glare with hatching. This will make our drawing look more elaborate.

Today, we demonstrated the art of drawing tongs step-by-step. Would you consider subscribing to us on social media and sharing our lesson with your colleagues? We hope you’ll do this. Thank you for your attention.


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