Hello dear artists. You all know Tommy Vercetti, the charismatic main character in this iconic game. As you have guessed, today we will demonstrate how you can draw Tommy Vercetti.

Step 1
A skeleton is essential for any human being, as well as a carcass. Draw the head of your character using light lines in an oval shape. Next, draw a long spine. Next, draw a long spine.

Step 2
We add flesh to the skeleton of Tommy Vercetti. Draw the lines that will allow us to further draw the facial features. Next, draw the neck and arms using circular figures. Draw the torso so that it narrows at the waist and has a triangular pelvis.

Step 3
Let’s get to the details. Draw the outline of the haircut at the top of your head. Draw the eyebrows and the eyes on the horizontal line a little lower. Draw the nose and mouth on the vertical line. Move a bit lower to draw the outline of the shirt.

Step 4
Let’s now get to the final details. Draw the contours and features of your face, as well as the hair, in the same way, that we did the example.



Step 5
Continue the drawing tutorial on how to draw Tommy Vercetti (GTA). Draw the shirt and remove all unnecessary lines from the torso. As shown in the image below, add buttons and folds. Remove all guidelines from the arms, and make them clear and smooth. (Don’t forget to draw a watch).

Step 6
This step is similar to the previous one. Take the pants out and rip all the guidelines. The jeans will have seams, pockets, and folds. Move on to the next step by drawing the sneakers (to find out more, visit lesson sneakers).

Step 7
Let’s now draw the patterns on our Tommy Vercetti shirt. To add shadows, you can use hatching.

Dear artists, the lesson on how you draw Tommy Vercetti (GTA) is now complete. You can find more video game characters in our drawing lesson under the category “boys drawing”.


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