How To Draw Tommy Pickles from Rugrats

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The art of drawing Tommy is a breeze. All you need be able to draw is a circle to represent Tommy’s head. Then, add guides on the face. Make another one for the body, after that two circles for his feet. Include the directions for his arm, and then move into following step.

Step 2

Utilizing the facial guides you sketched in the first step, you’ll draw the form of Tommy’s nose and eyes. Then, draw the contours of his face as well as the upper part of the head. After that, begin lining on the arm that is left.

Step 3

Let’s draw Tommy’s ill-fitting top, and then make eyebrows and a huge smile. Check out the inside of his ear, then outline his shirt, his diapers and his right hand.

Step 4

Take a look at Tommy right now. Find out how easy it is to master “how to draw Rugrats characters”. Draw or paint the eyeballs, then some spots on the head of Tommy. Close your mouth and finish drawing the shirt in your left hand. Put on diaper tape and go onto the next stage.

Step 5

You’ve made it this far, and all you need to do in the fifth step is sketch your right hand and arm and sketch Tommy’s feet and legs.

Step 6

Give Tommy the tongue and complete his feet and legs and then begin eliminating all the guidelines and shapes that you sketched in the first step to tidy up. The mess he left behind.

Step 7

This is how Tommy Pickles will look like after you’re finished. You can color him, and you’ve learnt “how to draw Tommy Pickles” from Rugrats step-by-step

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