For the majority of drawing lessons on the characters of American Dad and Family Guy, we draw with a similar pattern. We begin by sketching the outline of the body and then drawing the specifics. We have now taken the decision to try a different style of drawing. during the course on drawing Tom Tucker, we will draw a TV host without drawing an actual “dummy”, that is then we’ll immediately begin drawing the particulars.

Step 1
The first step is to draw round eyes and noses for our characters. As you will see, it’s extremely easy.

Step 2
Then draw the eyelids’ upper lids pupils, in the form of two dots, and curving eyebrows that are above the eyes.

Step 3
Go up to the top of your scalp and make a distinctive hairstyle, the forehead, and the smaller ears.

Step 4
Then we draw the face’s contours and draw Tom Tucker’s cheeks and his chin.

Step 5
In this step, there will be a lot of specifics. Draw a mouth and mustache. Then, draw the collars, tie of the jacket and shirt and.

Step 6
Then draw shoulder and sleeves. It is important to keep track of the size of the head and arms.

Step 7
Draw the lower portion of the jacket as well as the hands. Don’t forget that you draw 3 buttons onto the jacket.

Step 8
With the aid of a couple of lines, you can sketch the leg of the stereotypical TV host.

Step 9
The last step where we sketch the persona of our character along with Tom Tucker’s drawing is ready.

Tom Tucker is a secondary character from Family Guy. As we have stated during our drawing lesson we’ll draw the most or less notable characters from the show. Don’t forget to check out our website and join our social networks to ensure that you don’t miss new information about the characters from the Family Guy.

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