How To Draw Togepi from Pokemon Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Start with a huge shape that resembles the shape of a cauldron with wheels. On top of the shape, you can draw two curving lines and guidelines to the front.

Step 2

Now , what you have to do is draw three spikes at the top of the head and create a small outline for the nose. Draw a number of spikes along the edges so that the shape appears like an egg that has been cracked. Give him long arms as well as a set of circular feet with toes and round toes.

Step 3

The final step , and all you have to do is make this Pokemon an edgy look on its face. Draw two spikes to the top of his head, and then two eyes that look innocent and are ideal to shade also. Then, apply the decal to the egg as you can see it here. Remove all unusable patterns and principles, and you’re finished.

Step 4

This is how you Togepi design will be like once you’re completed. Wow , super simple duper. Coloring him and adding Togepi in the Pokemon Sketch collection. This is it, you’ve completed the instruction on drawing Togepi From Pokemon. We’ll see you next Monday for other tutorials.

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