How to Draw Toes & Toenails on a Foot in 4 Steps -

How to Draw Toes & Toenails on a Foot in 4 Steps

How to Draw Toes & Toenails on a Foot

This tutorial shows you how to draw toes on a foot from a 3/4 view. This tutorial provides detailed explanations and examples for each stage of the drawing.

Foot with toenails drawing step by step

A preview of the main steps can be seen above. However, step two contains a more detailed breakdown (for drawing your toes).

There isn’t much choice when it comes to toes or toenails in anime and manga characters. The toenails of manga characters are usually shown in close-ups of the feet/toes. They are not very stylized but are merely simplified. If the feet are far away, toenails may not be drawn. How to Draw My Little Pony

This tutorial shows you how to draw the basic shape of your foot. However, the focus of the tutorial is on your nails and toes. The tutorial also includes an example of painting painted toenails.

You should use a pencil and paper to begin your drawing. This will allow you to make mistakes easily and clean up any construction lines as you move from one stage to the next.

Step 1: Draw the outline of the foot’s shape

Foot outline drawing

Make a sketch of your entire foot. It should look like it has a tight shoe. You don’t need to worry about your individual toes, or the small curves and bends. This step is about establishing the overall shape and proportions of the model.

Step 2 – Draw your Toes

Toes drawing step by step

In the image above, you can see an example of how to draw the toes.


Foot toenails spacing drawing

To get an idea of the size and location of each toe, first, add some construction lines (divider lines) to the tip of your foot. The space for the small one may seem a little wider than it should. However, a curve will be added to its side to make it more narrow.

Foot toes placement drawing

Once you have drawn the spacing lines, you can begin to draw the tips for each of your toes. As a guide, use the spacers as well as the curve from step one.

After that, you can remove the red parts.

Foot toe tips drawing

After you have cleaned up your drawing, you will see something that looks similar to the one above.

Foot drawing

The last detail of your toes can be traced. Each one should be bent in the middle. As long as your foot is believable, the anatomy doesn’t have to be perfect. A few wrinkles can be added around the big toe. These can be seen as tiny splits at the base of your toes.

After you have completed the above steps, you can remove any construction lines.

Step 3 – Draw details of your toes

Foot toes details drawing

To emphasize the bends in the toes, add curves and a hint of bone to the heel.

Step 4 – Draw your toenails

Toenails drawing

Once you have all the details of your foot in place, you can now add the toenails. The toenails should be roughly sized to fit the toe. The largest should be on the big toe. Your shapes should be narrower at their base and wider at the tips. Be sure to leave enough space between each nail and the bottom of your toe.

Bonus Step: Paint your toenails

Painted toenails drawing

If you wish to draw your toenails painted, follow the steps as shown. You can highlight the shine of the polish by adding a small white area to each nail. The smoothness of the nail’s surface will reflect light, thereby highlighting how reflective it is.


Toes, toes, and toenails in anime and manga are not very stylized. They are generally drawn in the same way as traditional art, but with slightly less detail (or simplified). If you need any help drawing feet for anime characters, you can always look at the feet of real people.

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