How to draw Tobi (Obito Uchiha) from Naruto

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Contrary to tutorials with images it is a simple tutorial. The first step is. Begin with a circle for the head, and then include guides for the face. Sketch the unusual form for his arms and create a blade-like design for his cape, which is active. Then, draw outline designs for his legs and thighs and then draw shapes to create an up-close look at his hand.

Step 2

The only thing you have to do to sketch the first design of the cape’s vertical collar. After that, you’ll be able to sketch the outline of the front of the mask. You can then sketch Tobi’s shoulders.

Step 3

In this case, you’ll add the swirl design to the mask. Then, outline his short , spiky hairstyle. Once you’ve finished you can draw the zipper line and outline the left arm and hand as shown here. The best way to accomplish this is focus on this step in order to see all the specifics.

Step 4

To add more definition or detail to the palm of his hand, then draw wavy or kinky lines onto the cape like you can see. After that you can draw Akatsuki clouds. Take your time during this course as it’s really enjoyable.

Step 5

You’re almost finished. What you have to do is outline the remainder of the cape. Then put on the wavy lines as well as the pleated the lining. Complete drawing the vertically positioned zipper and finish this process by drawing a few Akatsuki clouds.

Step 6

Now you’re in the final drawing stage. All you have to do is draw his legs and pants and then draw his shoes and legs. Include details and strokes on the pants. Then draw details on his legs. Remove all guide lines and shapes you created in step 1 so that you can have a neat drawing that you can color in.

Step 7

Did you guess what you did? Draw Tobi! Discover how easy and enjoyable this tutorial can be. Then, you must paint him in such a way that his bright orange mask is normal. I had a blast drawing with you all, I hope you will come back for another enjoyable drawing. Bravo and keep going!

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