How to Draw Tinkerbell

Peter Pan’s story is a timeless classic that has been loved by generations. It was originally written as a play in 1904. Since then, it has been adapt many times for film, stage, and page.

Tinkerbell, the fairy from the story, is one of the most beloved characters. Her animated film debut was a huge success.

Tinkerbell has many admirers all over the globe, so it is not surprising that many people want to draw Tinkerbell.

This guide will be a hit with fans of the precocious fairy!

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This step-by-step guide will help you draw Tinkerbell in just 9 steps.

1st Step:

This is the first step in our guide to drawing Tinkerbell. We will begin by drawing her famous hairstyle.

We will draw a series of curved lines that connect to each other to create the hairstyle that will cover her face.

You can now move on to step 2.

2nd Step:

In this step of Tinkerbell’s drawing, we will add more details to her hairstyle. Begin by drawing thin lines that will be used to tie her hair at the top.

You can also tie this string into loops. You can then create more hairstyles by adding more curves to the ends.

3rd Step:

This step of will focus on her hairstyle. We will specifically draw her ponytail.

With some smaller curvy lines, you can trace the shape onto the string. Next, we can draw more of her!

4th Step:

Once you’ve finished with her hairstyle, draw the face of Tinkerbell in this section.

Her eyes will look like two ovals inside with circular shapes. There will also be eyebrows and eyelashes above them.

Next, draw some lines for her nose and mouth. Once those lines are done, add some rounded lines to the facial outline.

5th Step:

Next, we will finish off Tinkerbell’s body. We will start with her arm.

The arm will reach down from her neck and be drawn with rounded lines. They will curve down to the point where she is leaning onto the hand.

6th Step:

We will add more of Tinkerbell’s body to this section of our Tinkerbell drawing. Use the reference image to guide you. Draw her other arm behind her using more rounded lines.

Next, draw the top half her dress. This step can be completed by drawing the top half of her dress. We will complete those in the next section.

7th Step:

In this step of our tutorial on how to draw Tinkerbell, we will finish the legs. We will use more rounded lines to draw her legs, which will be done by crossing her legs under her.

For her fluffy shoes, make sure you add some round shapes to her feet!

8th Step:

There is one last thing you need to do before you color your Tinkerbell drawings.

We will add fairy wings to her collection as she wouldn’t be able to get around as fast without them. Each wing can be broken into two pieces. The top half of each wing is shorter and thinner than the bottom, while it is smaller and rounder.

After you’ve drawn your wings, make sure you add any background details or other details before you move on.

9th Step:

In this last step of our guide, Tinkerbell: How to Draw Tinkerbell, it’s time for you to color the image!

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