How To Draw Tinkerbell Step by Step

You are able to use the simple step-by-step drawing tutorial below.

Step 1

As you will see, the first step is fairly easy. The only thing you need to do is draw a tiny circle around her head, and then draw an outline line to the face, which happens to be the connecting line to the frame of her body. After these two things are sketched in, you are able to draw lines to create the wireframe for her body.

Step 2

Then you can begin drawing her adorable, chubby form, and then begin drawing the basic shape of her hairstyle, cut using the suggestions or bangs.

Step 3.

In lieu of drawing Tinkerbell’s resting hair, you’ll start the third step by drawing the outline of her eyes. You’ll then trace her shoulders and torso and hips in the same way as shown in this image.

Step 4

Cut the lower part of her skirt by using the edges of a leaf. Then draw a lining over the skirt, separating it from its fabric as you can see. It is the next stage sketching her cute bun after which you draw the basic designs of her wings. Finalize drawing her adorable face, including pupils, eyes mouth, nose, and eyebrows.

Step 5

It’s time to draw this Disney logo. All you need to do is remove her feet away and then put them on beautiful pixie shoes that have an elongated cotton ball at the top. After you’ve finished, you’ll be able to begin erasing the lines and shapes you sketched in the first step.

Step 6

Once you’re finished then you can begin coloring her in order to make Tinkerbell her glowing glow. I hope that you all are having a blast creating Tinkerbell.

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