Hi! We’ve made a new drawing tutorial on drawing Timmy Turner. As you can see, the tutorial is quite easy. We hope it can aid artists who are just beginning to develop their talents.

Step 1
We begin by drawing an easy figure that appears like drops.

Step 2
Then we trace lines around the cap’s hair. We have utilized only straight lines.

Step 3
Okay, let’s draw eyes. It’s like normal circles. You may believe that drawing this kind of design is simple. It’s actually true However, any mistakes made at this stage will cause the final result to look disorganized.

Step 4
Then we will continue with our tutorial, in which we will show what to draw Timmy Turner step-by-step. In this tutorial, we’ll draw the teeth and ear. The teeth are elongated figures separated by a longitudinal line.

Step 5
We are now in the final step.

It was a simple lesson If you believe that you are able to draw more complicated designs take a look at the lesson on the vehicle or the young boy.

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