How to Draw Tigger -

How to Draw Tigger

How to Draw Tigger

In this drawing tutorial, we’ll teach that you can draw Tigger. Tigger is among the most beloved characters of Winnie the Pooh and a loved persona by a lot of viewers.


Step 1

Then, we sketch the outline of the head as well as the torso of our cartoon character. Based on our concept it appears that the Tiger sits on its hind feet, making the body look like a tall and vertically elongated rectangle.




Step 2

Tigger is quite funny in his appearance. He has a big round nose, and tiny eyes – the points over which the eyebrows are situated at the front of the top of the residence.




Step 3.

Let’s draw round with small ears. We’ll also sketch the initial black line that’s located just in front of the eyes. Two lines are within the ear canals and create sharp angles.




Step 4

This is the perfect moment to draw the big smiley mouth of our Tiger. For this stage, you should use only round shapes.




Step 5

As you may have guessed, Tigger has a reputation as a welcoming man. In the illustration we have, Tigger cheerfully holds his arms in an affectionate hug. Let’s draw the outline of his front legs or arms.




Step 6

The creators of the animation show Winnie the Pooh created an enormous present for us. They have engraved the paws of the protagonists in the form of two surfaces that are rounded. We don’t have to draw elaborate fingers. Let’s draw two circular forms on each hand in this step.

We draw the contours of hind paws. It is evident how the hind legs appear quite small because of the angle and drawing style.




Step 7

Let’s sketch the outline of the pads on the hind fingers for our character. Also, there is no detailed drawing of the fingers which is wonderful for us.




Step 8

In this stage, we draw the outline of the curly tail. In our illustration, the tail features two tiny curves. You are able to choose the direction of the tail to suit your preferences.




Step 9

We will continue to follow the steps for drawing Tigger from the cartoon Winnie the Pooh. In the center of the body, there is a large oval, elongated. Let’s draw it.




Step 10

In this stage, we draw the lines of black lines that are on the body and back of the Tiger. Try to replicate this pattern from our model as precisely as you can, as altering the shape of the stripes could result in a sketch that looks distinct from the style of the cartoon character.




Step 11

We always include a specific step to allow you to examine the entire sketch prior to painting with paints. We’ve not broken with this practice with this course. Take a look at your sketch and check if all proportions and shapes are accurate. Make any errors by erasers.




Step 12

The traditional colors for tigers are black and orange. They were the creators behind Winnie the Pooh and chose not to alter this standard therefore Tigger is the identical color. This tutorial is positioned as easy, so we decided to add shadows.




We did a fantastic job. I hope that this guide for drawing Tigger was helpful to you. We’re waiting for your comments and questions!


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