How to Draw Thumbs Up Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Iguana Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

For this drawing tutorial We will create the drawing in pieces. Working at a slow pace you will discover that you are able to overcome the difficulties in this sketch.

In the first part we’ll begin by focusing on the wrist itself. It is possible to start by drawing an angled, diagonal line to the wrist. Then, you can draw a line that is curved upwards from the wrist to the thumb’s side.

This is then repeated with a bulge on the top to indicate the tip of your thumb. While drawing using a pencil, you could also use the pencil first and then switch to a pen once you’re satisfied with the way it appears. So, you don’t have to be concerned over making any mistakes!

Step 2. Draw the first and knuckles of the fingers
In this drawing of your thumb it’s all about the fingers and the first knuckles on the hand.

It is done by stretching a wavy line out from the shorter line at the top of your thumb. It will form three knuckles by using this line, after that, you will use more curved lines to allow the two fingers that extend to the inside of the hand.

Each finger should be able to cross roughly half-way across the second finger. Images of reference will help you in drawing but don’t be afraid to refer to them in depth as you move along!

Step 3. Now draw two additional fingers
Already drawn two fingers in this thumbs-up tutorial and you should not have a problem drawing the two fingers that follow!

Also, these have a more simple structure than the earlier ones. The two fingers are drawn with basic curves and than half of the knuckle lines drawn around an inch from the finger.

Step 4 – Then draw the remainder of your hand
The toughest aspects of this drawing are now behind you, and you shouldn’t have any trouble in completing those last lines!

First, draw a curved line to mark the hand’s edge as illustrated in the image reference. Next, use straight lines for the rest of your wrist. Add some lines along the inside of the wrist to provide more details.

This is enough for the hand and we’ll need a few more details to include prior to the final step!

Step 5: You can now draw a shirt to use for your drawing
The next step in our tutorial on drawing with thumbs will include adding the final details and elements prior to you apply some color in the last step.

The most important thing to do is drawing the sleeve so that the wrist extends out. It is possible to draw this using the use of circular and straight lines, as seen in the image reference. Then, you can add small lines around fingers, to show the way your fingers press into the surface.

This should cover all the details of this tutorial. But before you add some color to it, include your own ideas!

Draw arm rests or even add backgrounds to give you some ideas. You could even write words underneath the thumb to make it an inspiring image!

What thoughts can you think of to add your own twist on this image?

Step 6 – Complete your drawing using colors
You’ve spent a lot of time on this incredible drawing, so now it’s time to relax and add some vibrant colours to your drawings.

In our image of reference we provided the way to use color to the image. This is only an idea, and you’re at liberty to play in your color choices!

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