How to draw three blind mice

How to draw three blind mice

Step 1:

Let’s start by drawing the shapes and guides that will be used to guide your three mice. These should include the head and body shapes, as well as the guidelines for the faces or limbs.

Step 2:

Next, you can begin to draw the shapes and structures of the mice. Add their long whiskers, and one is even showing teeth.

Step 3:

There is still one mouse with a face to draw so get on that. Once you’re done, add their sun or eyeglasses to the drawing and some of their hair tufts.

Step 4:

Add all ears to complete the mouse heads. These should look like the drawings you have seen.

Step 5:

You can draw the first mouse body, which you can see is on all fours and scattering around looking for his cane.

Step 6:

The mouse behind the mouse who is searching for his cane has a body which will be drawn in next. These tasks are important. Don’t rush. You will make mistakes more easily if you hurry. Once the second mouse is complete, draw in an arm or hand to help the mouse find his cane.

Step 7:

A body is necessary for the third mouse, so get on with it. Also draw the feet and hands.

Step 8:

You are done!

Step 9:

If you have not already, you can add the canes or tails to the drawing. Finish by adding the details to the canes.

Step 10:

This is the line art of the three blind mice. These mice are fun to color in and you can also make a background.

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