How to Draw Thomas the Tank Engine Step by Step -

How to Draw Thomas the Tank Engine Step by Step

How to Draw Thomas the Tank Engine Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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Step 1

Before we begin I’ll begin by explaining to Thomas Tank engines are very simple to draw as the shape of his is square. Therefore, you should begin by drawing the basic outline of trains in segments. There are five straight lines that run down, one of them is running straight through in the middle. There are two lines on the sides, and two smaller ones at the center.

Step 2
Draw the frame and the line of positioning across the entire front of the vessel. From a straight line, it could appear to be an exterior of a home with two windows, a chimney and steps. You might call the circle in the middle as the front door, but in reality it is Thomas facing the tank engine. The chimney is Thomas’s sauna and the windows are simply that windows. This is an easy step with pictures to serve to guide you.

Step 3
In this next step, you’ll draw Thomas the face of Thomas and any other details within his tank. Begin by drawing the two tiny circles at the corner in front of the carriage. Making double circles means drawing one circle and another one in the middle. To draw your face draw two huge eyes with a round shape, an which are inverted “V” for the eyebrows and a huge “U” for the nose. Then, draw Thomas Tank Training’s mechanical details on the front.

Step 4
On the final stage of sketching, you need to draw is his eyes as well as the lower border that he has his mouth, as well as the chain link which is in the middle of his train. After you’re satisfied with your sketch it is time to move on and erase the basic principles you sketched in step one. It may be beneficial to wash your paper of the pencil marks that were drawn on the paper. .

Step 5
This is the finished product. Thomas the tank will appear like this after you’re finished. All you have to color is Thomas and then have fun placing him in the corner or on on the refrigerator. Until next time my fellow artist.

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