In this very easy drawing class, we’ll teach you how to draw a “yin-yang” symbol. The most difficult part of drawing these images is that you need to be able to draw straight lines. In this Yin-Yang drawing tutorial, the team at will attempt to teach you how to do it with ease.

Let’s begin this drawing lesson to learn to draw the symbol Yin-Yang.

Step 1

To create your Yin-Yang drawing appear elegant and smooth You must draw the basic guidelines. The first step is to draw an even horizontal line followed by another vertical line across it.


Step 2

Then draw two lines that intersect with the lines drawn before in the middle. To ensure that the lines are straight and straight, attempt to draw them using swift movements.

Step 3

Draw short lines that cross the lines that were created earlier. The lines drawn should be drawn at identical distances from each other’s central area.

Step 4

After that, connect the two shorter lines drawn earlier by the long circle. The circle must look as perfect as possible.

Step 5

Take your eraser and remove any unnecessary guidelines from the Yin-Yang design. To verify the proportions of your drawing you can view the image through the mirror.

Step 6

Draw two circles, as in the illustration. The two circles must be identical in dimensions and have flawless lines.

Step 7

Connect the circles by drawing an unintentionally smooth line. In the circles that you’ve drawn earlier create two circles smaller.

Step 8

Use the eraser once more to remove the lines that remain to give your Yin-Yang drawing the perfect appearance.

Step 9

To make the Yin Yang sign look more distinct, paint it in the manner shown in our illustration. For the greatest contrast, use a black marker or paint.

It represented the Yang-Yin symbol drawing class. The team truly hopes that this lesson was beneficial to you.


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