In the world of today for the last tens of thousands of years of civilizations, there has been a myriad of different mythologies and legends. Many of them still exist even in the age of technological advancement. Today we’ll show the reader ways to draw Yeti step-by-step one of the most popular characters from the urban legends of our times.

Step 1
Yeti is basically something that lies between the two and, therefore, his skeleton is identical to the skeletons of a man as well as the skeleton of a monkey. Begin by drawing the head. Then, draw the spine’s line. Then, sketch out the shape of the pelvis and chest. Utilizing simple lines, sketch out the arms and legs.

Step 2
Then we’ll add the size that we have created for our Yeti. The first step is to trace two lines across the head to help us sketch the specifics of the face during the subsequent steps. Next, draw the outline of the torso and arms as well as legs using geometric shapes, like the ones shown in the example. Notice that the proportions of legs and arms are similar to the proportions of monkeys.

Step 3
In the earlier steps, we made use of extremely light lines so that we could erase the lines. Beginning with this step, we’ll draw the details with dark and clear lines. The first step is to draw the eyes using the aid by drawing a vertical line we created during the earlier step. The next step is to draw a short and wide nose as well as an enormous mouth.

Step 4
In this stage, we draw heads of Yeti. Take care to draw the outline of a head which resembles the head of gorillas. gorilla. Then, draw out the contours of the face. As illustrated in our illustration, draw hair lines, and then delete the unnecessary guidelines.

Step 5
Then let’s shift a little lower, and then work on the particulars of the body. Utilizing dark lines and clear lines, draw out the form of the body. To draw hair textures, use shorter lines like in our illustration. Don’t forget to take out any unnecessary lines from the upper torso.

Step 6
We’ll now focus on the arm’s length of our unknown creature. Utilizing those same short lines, we trace the outline of the fur for the arms of our frightened creature. Then, using clean black and darker lines sketch out the outlines of the monkey’s fingers and fingers.

Step 7
We will now perform the same thing however this time using The legs of Yeti. Similar to the step before we will sketch the outline of the skin on their legs using the aid of small strokes. When drawing the legs, you should consider the muscle outlines underneath the fur as we can see in our illustration. Then make sure you draw out the lines of the feet of the large ones by drawing clear lines and dark ones.

In this video, we showed our students ways to draw the Yeti step-by-step. As we’ve already mentioned that these are among the most well-known creatures from urban legends of the past. On our website, we have other creatures from urban legends as well as ancient myths. If you’re interested in learning ways to draw.

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