How To Draw The Winter Soldier Step by Step -

How To Draw The Winter Soldier Step by Step

How To Draw The Winter Soldier Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Betty Boop Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Begin by drawing the head guide. sketch out the facial guidelines, later draw shoulders.

Step 2

Start the next step by drawing a head-shaped shape and/or a long steamy, messy appearance.

Step 3

This is a sketch of the number of hairs from the roots up to the scalp, and down into the mid-point of your head. The hair is the part is evident.

Step 4

Then, draw your eyebrows in a sloppy pose. It is also necessary for you to trace the upper line, covering the lower portion of the face.

Step 5

Draw the outline of his face and the design of the mask that he wears.

Step 6

What you need to do is draw the outline of the mask. When you draw it, be sure that you draw the face plate onto the mask that flows down the face.

Step 7

You can now complete your eyes by drawing eyes’ designs. Then, darken specific areas of the eyes, and then create wrinkles or creases on the forehead.

Step 8

Then, draw the large upper body beginning with upper and lower back. Once you’ve finished you can sketch the collar, and continue to step nine.

Step 9

Then, add some additional details on the sleeves. This will give the appearance of his attire. Correct any mistakes upon completion, and you can review the final drawing later.

Step 10

You’re done sketching The Winter Soldier. All you need to do is color him.

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