How To Draw The White House Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

The first part of this White House tutorial you will be able to see begins at the center of the building’s front.

We will draw the top of this central part. The structure is curved and rounded with a few small square turrets that are incorporated inside it.

You can add another section of curved lines below this. Once you’ve got it to look like the image we used as a reference and you’ll be ready for the next stage of the instructional.

Step 2 – Draw additional central areas
The second section on the White House drawing may look complex, but it’s actually not that difficult!

We’ll expand the center section and this will mostly consist of short and thin pillars. Be careful when drawing these columns and then draw some details on the top and the bottom of each.

There are also particulars in between each pillar which you can draw prior to moving onto the next step in this tutorial.

Step 3. Draw the final specifics of the center section
Before we go on to the different sections of the structure we’ll conclude the central part of this final step of our instructional guide on drawing how to draw the White House.

To accomplish this, we’ll start by adding the stairs, which are small and curved, to the opposite end of the base to form this centerpiece. We’ll then draw tiny doors with wall lamps between them.

This will conclude this central section, and in the next section, we’ll include additional structure.

Step 4: Next Draw the left-hand part of the White House
The section we’ll draw in the fourth section of our White House tutorial is another section that appears complicated, but doesn’t need to be!

This is the left-hand side of the structure. It is a rectangular shape.

There are also a few small pillars which are integrated in the design of this section. There will be some intricate windows between them.

This is a step you must be patient while carefully following our tutorial. You’ll be prepared for an additional touch in the next stage of this tutorial!

The 5th step consists of adding your final specifics to your White House drawing
The fifth step on drawing your White House will help you finish the final elements and details, before adding some color at the end of the process.

Then, you should duplicate what you sketched in the previous step by drawing only the right side of the structure.

The design is identical on the left side, therefore try to create it as symmetrical as possible!

Also, we’ll draw some bushes near the bottom of the White House and you can draw them using rough lines.

In the end, it’s not an appropriate image of the White House without the US flag, therefore you can have a flag-waving ceremony above the White House.

Before proceeding to the next step it is possible to add some highlights! One option is to draw a patriotic background for the structure. How many backgrounds could you imagine to be added?

Step 6 – Complete Your White House drawing with color
Given the name of the building, you may think you’ll be limited in the colors you can apply in coloring it.

In the final stage to Your White House drawing, we’ll demonstrate ways to be creative with color even in white walls!

If you color the building, you’ll notice that we didn’t keep it entirely white. Instead, we utilized various shades of gray to give it a more lively style.

We then used some yellow to tint the window, to create the illusion of lighting inside. It’s also helpful to add some warmer hues to the photo.

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